Bioenergiedorf Jühnde
Bioenergiedorf Jühnde

Bioenergyvillage Juehnde
Welcome to the web page of the Bioenergyvillage of Jühnde. It´s terrific to notice that you want to get informed about this project.

Our village Jühnde is located in Southern Lower Saxony and applied for the project "The Bio Energy Village". The aim of the project is to convert biological material into electrical power and heat. For this purpose it is planned to build a Block-Type Thermal Power Station (or Heat and Power Generator) run by bio gas. For additional heating during winter a wood hogged  heating system is planned which can be run either with hogged wood (wood chips) or straw.
The project will be supported by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Sustainable Developement of the Georg August University of Göttingen and is unique in Germany.
Currently we are realising our energy-plant and want to start distributing heat energy to the 140 households in Sept.2005.

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News from Bioenergyvillage Juehnde
Here you will find the latest news of our project.Please apologize that one few contents are in...
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